Day 1 (Thursday 11th April 2024) at Vijay Patel Building (8 Newarke Cl, Leicester LE2 7BJ) of De Montfort University in Leicester, UK

Closed event only for the registered delegates

09.00-09.20 Arrival, registration and coffee networking @ open space, hub and terrace
09.20-10.00 Opening and keynote speech by Kevin Cheung @ VP 4.05

Fashion 1 @ VP 4.05 (chair: Buddy Penfold)

Kenyan Fashion Designers’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Upcycling by Sophia N. Njeru and Richie Moalosi

Exploring upcycling practices in the fashion sector: A case of Harare by Edlight Mutungwe, Walter Chipambwa and Lucia Sithole

FABIO –  Making Jeans Sustainwearable by Pranoti Sonawane, Lovish Bandwal and Yagnesh Gohil

Design and engineering @ VP 4.11 (chair: Patrick Isherwood)

Upcycling Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites: An Engineering Management Perspective by Abhishek Tiwary and Dazel Empe

Scaling Up Upcycling: A Comparative Analysis of Furniture and Object Upcycling Projects by Patrick Pearce, Martin Racine, Isabel Ordóñez  and Alice Jarry

Circular economy solutions for solar photovoltaic panels: review and future research for UK scholars by Kyungeun Sung, Yi Zhong and Patrick Isherwood


Fashion 2 @ VP 4.05 (chair: Pammi Sinha)

Stitched Refugee Stories: Using Stitching and Upcycling to Convert Children’s Experiences into Empowerment by Chanjuan Chen and Trina Harlow

Emotional design for fashion upcycling by Yufei Hu,  Pammi Sinha and Eunsuk Hur

People and behaviour @ VP 4.11 (chair: Richie Moalosi)

Applying the COM-B behaviour model and behaviour change wheel to develop an intervention framework to promote upcycling by C. Ashwathy Satheesan

Upcycling throw-away people: lessons from upcycling research by Joon Sang Baek and Kyungeun Sung

11.40-13.00 Lunch networking @ open space, hub and terrace
13.00-13.30 Afternoon keynote speech by Jagdeep Singh @ VP 4.05

Design and materials @ VP 4.05 (chair: Patrick Isherwood)

New product development for upcycling and circular economy focusing on everyday electronic products by Kyungeun Sung, Joseph Shade, Thomas Wylam, Tony Lorance, Mik Pieniazek and Abhishek Tiwary

Organic waste upcycling for materials design. A new framework proposal based on food waste by Luca Alessandrini, Valentina Rognoli and Karen Marie Hasling

Unlocking the Value from Coffee Waste: A Case Study of Sustainable Practices of a Colombian Coffee Farm by Claudia García

Design education @ VP 4.11 (chair: Eujin Pei)

Incorporating upcycling into the Industrial Design Program: The case of the University of Botswana by Richie Moalosi, Polokano Sekonopo, Yaone Rapitsenyane and Paulson Letsholo

Integrating Upcycling in the Industrial Design Programme as an Alternative Approach to Mitigate Environmental Challenges in Botswana by Thatayaone Mosepedi and Gerald Kennedy

Common waste upcycling for product design as extracurricular activities in design education by Kyungeun Sung, Millie Rees, Theodore Sloos, Richie Moalosi, Yaone Rapitsenyane and Anneloes Roelandschap

14.30-15.00 Coffee networking @ open space, hub and terrace
15.00-16.00 Sandbox workshop for our future collaboration and funding application @ VP 4.05

Community @ VP 4.11 (chair: Jagdeep Singh) 

Exploring successful cases of community participation in waste management and upcycling in Thailand by Montida Lertnimanoradee, Busayawan Lam and Eujin Pei

What are the optimal boundaries and configurations for local reuse actions? by Hamilton Ortiz

Community empowerment through upcycling pre-consumer waste material by Walter Chipambwa, Edlight Mutungwe and Chipo Chuma

16.00-17.00 Plenary and closing @ VP 4.05

Gala dinner will be from 5.30pm at a city centre restaurant – we will announce the venue during closing.