April 12 Friday only exhibition at LCB Depot

  • Boombottle” by Kevin Cheung: This is the project that kickstarted my upcycling journey. The Boombottle is a speaker system made from a waste plastic container. By using the plastic bottle as the soundbox, It provides a rugged, lightweight body to become a portable speaker. Attached with 2 speaker drives on both sides to provide all-around music coverage, along with LED light, which allows it to glow-in-the-dark at night, perfect for playing music outdoors. @aboutkevincheung http://kevin-cheung.com

  • Discover upcycling products from the other side of the world” by Hamilton Ortiz: There will be totebags, small bags, small luminaries, wood boxes, prints, postcards and stickers. @sucataquantica @hacheortiz www.sucataquantica.com 

  • Plastic Reduction” by Yikang Wang, Zeyu Liu, Chanjuan Chen and Yi Jiang: This fashion piece was a project outcome from a workshop focused on upcycling and modular designs. The student designers created their own textiles with recycled plastic packaging and bags sourced from mail delivery services. By using a modular approach, the design breaks away from the traditional way of clothing and allows for various combination possibilities. The color scheme of black and green, as well as the modular unit shapes created from our handmade textiles, draw inspiration from the digital logo found on plastic products. The purpose is not solely to recycle plastic waste for product creation but also to consider the customization through fashion modularity. By carefully selecting the colors and textures of the raw materials and employing modular technique, the design offers a distinctive aesthetic and sustainable approach. @chanjuan.chen_fashion

  • Refugee Camps Stories” by Chanjuan Chen: This wearable art piece is inspired by the global refugee crisis and the educational challenges faced by refugee children. The ensemble consists of two pieces created from a second-hand dome tent, adorned with embroidery details. The goal of this piece is to explore innovative ways of creating modular designs using upcycled and unconventional materials to address social issues, and to provide insight and knowledge to people to gain a deeper understanding of and support for refugee children in their educational pursuits. @chanjuan.chen_fashion www.chanjuanchen.com

  • Renewed Couture: The Artistry of Upcycled Fashion by University of Leeds’ Creative Minds” by Anya Wesolowski, Alexandra Page, Eleanor Taylor, Hope Pearce, Isobel Brown, John Oswald Crichton supervised by Dr Hye-Won Lim: The exhibition features a diverse array of upcycled fashion pieces crafted by talented students at the University of Leeds. From intricately reconstructed garments to revitalised textile wastes, each piece tells a unique story of sustainability and creativity. @uoldesign

  • Upscaling Upcycling” by Christoph Kurzmann: Redesigned old dorm furniture saved from landfill and turned into new seating for an Oxford University. I made CLIVE stool from reused wooden components of ex-student beds and helped Oxford Brookes University to transform their masses of otherwise discarded old student furniture into practical new stools. These stools can now be found on campus. CLIVE stool is part of a collection of furniture items which were made using the existing wooden components of the vast amount of identical furniture waste created by the refurbishment project of student accommodation Clive Booth Student Village, comprising 250 student bedrooms. Hundreds of bed leg components have been rescued and repurposed into new stools as part of the project. @christophstudio https://www.christophstudio.com/

One week exhibition from Friday 12 until Friay 19 April 2024 at LCB Depot

  • Fallout Fashion” by Emmeline Child: The t-shirts were made using factory ‘fallout’ in their entirety, utilising pre-consumer textile waste from the factory production line. This project scopes the potential to develop scalable solutions to upcycling by streamlining methods to work in industrial environments.  @emmychild https://www.emmelinechild.co.uk/ 

  • Sky Lantern ‘Eat me Burn me’ made from agricultural upcycled textile” by Sally Gaukrodger-Cowan: ‘Eat me Burn me’ is a lantern made entirely from upcycled Agricultural textile waste. ‘Eat me Burn me’ was created to raise awareness of the danger of sky lanterns to the wellbeing of the countryside and the fire risk to crops. https://www.sallygaukrodger.co.uk/ 

  • Survivors of the future, a collaborative collection of upcycled gender neutral pieces by Turtlehorn & BCU Fashion Design students” by Elizabeth Burton, Maria Voth Velasco, Abbie Walton and Emily Brookes: 4 outfits where the brand and the 2 students have made complimentary pieces to build 4 unique looks as part of the “Survivors of the Future” collection for New York Fashion Week 2023. @Turtlehorn_ @houseofbrookesy @waltona_design @the_wandering_dog @bcu_fashion https://turtlehorn.com / https://www.bcu.ac.uk/news-events/news/success-for-students-at-new-york-fashion-week

  • Using indigo soy paste resist to upcycle fabrics and enhance student well-being through reflective practice” by Elizabeth Burton and Lucinda Holbrook-Hase: One zero waste garment in the form of a traditional haori, a traditional Japanese hip- or thigh-length jacket worn over a kimono. Resembling a shortened kimono with no overlapping front panels, the haori typically features a thinner collar than that of a kimono, and is sewn with the addition of two thin, triangular panels at either side seam. The haori is to be hung up alongside a series of photos of the workshop / participants outcome and potentially a video playing in the background. @the_wandering_dog @holbrookhase @bcu_fashion